About the Owens Brothers...
...a brief pictorial history of The Owens Brothers    
The Owens Brothers embrace their deep musical roots and draw from many genres when writing and choosing
material for their live shows. Randy Owens has been inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame, and has
won several songwriting and performing awards.  Billy Owens has toured with Billy Joe Royal and Nashville
songwriter, Dean Dillon. Billy and Randy have both been writing songs and performing since their youth, and have
performed with the likes of B.J. Thomas, Davy Jones, and Mark Lindsey, to name but a few. Their performances have
spanned across the U.S, and consists primarily of top 40 hits from the 50's to now, and they love to take requests. Rich
harmony has become their signature, as well as bringing the Owens Brothers versatility to their live shows. They are
also prolific songwriters, and head up the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange, a songwriters organization founded by
Randy and his wife, Patricia, dedicated to the development of the craft and the promotion thereof. Whether performing
in a small club or large amphitheater, cover songs or originals, they love making music.

Contact Information:

For all booking inquiries, please contact:

Owens Entertainment Group,
Patricia Owens
or (770)693-5121
Email: patricia@theowensbrothers.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theowensbrothers

Reverbnation: www.thereverbnation.com/theowensbrothers
It all started because of this man's influence.  This is their Dad who, even though he was left handed,  played right-handed stringed
instruments by turning them upside down, and taught them how to make music.  Pickin' under the shade tree was a common
occurrence at the Owens house.
R.C. sang, played guitar, mandolin, and
fiddle, and wrote several songs.  In his
younger days, he performed with his
bluegrass band on WFOM AM radio.
Billy with their Dad on a "Lazy Summer Day"
Robert C. Owens (R.C) during World War II.
On November 26, 2016, Randy was
inducted into the Atlanta Country Music
Hall of Fame. He is receiving his award
from Phyllis Cole (Founder)
Billy toured with Nashville songwriter Dean Dillon,
who wrote "The Chair" and many other hits.
The U.S. Apple Corp
Playing original music for a rally
at Kennesaw State College.
Left to right: David Byrd, John
Lindsey, Randy Owens, and
Toby Ruckert.
(Left) Randy's first set of drums. (Top Left) Randy and Danny Williams, jammin'.
(Center) Randy and his trusty Giannini. (Right) Danny Williams, co-writer and
lead vocalist of "All Around The World".
Performing at a private birthday party, this
configuration was called "Sundance", which started
with Randy and David Byrd, and had many different
members throughout the years, including Billy,
Randy, Tom Warren and David Byrd, many years
ago.  That's Tom Warren on Bass.
Photo by: Ken Webb
This was a publicity shot for a country/folk/rock band
with Randy on drums, David Byrd on Guitar and Don
Richmond on Bass.
Randy with Ron Ferguson at Haversack Books.
Jamey Powell, Will Woodall, and Randy Owens.
An early, hard working band featuring Billy on
guitar. It is believed that this was in a club called
The Starting Gate Lounge in North Carolina. (L to
R): Billy Owens, Wayne Sheppard, Ronny Chase
(drums), Mike Garrich, and Andy Bauer.
The Venus Umbrella
(L to R) Chris Mullens, Amanda Owens, Jonathan
Mayfield, Matt Freeman, and Randy Owens
The Owens Brothers
Forty Fingers...
Billy was guitarist for The U.S. Apple
Corp, a five-piece local band that
won the state Battle Of The Bands.
Shown (L-R) are Steve Folsom, Billy
Owens, Dennis Bryant, Stan
Stewart, and Freddy Fowler.